Mack Reviews the Millennium

You may have noticed there’ve been a lot of reviews of early 2000s records on here lately. This is due to the fact that I’m an INFP on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and find things like reviewing records and being nostalgic more fun than any variety of ‘normal’ twentysomething pastimes.

As for the means by which I’m selecting these albums, I’m going to be focusing on a few publications’ best-of lists for every year of the millennium.

The Village Voice‘s Pazz & Jop Polls for a broad critical consensus of what was considered to be the height of the musical artform in any given year.

Rolling Stone as my source for what was considered critically laudable in the mainstream.

Pitchfork as my source for what was considered critically laudable in the most musically snobbish and (some would say) critically perceptive circles. As a subgoal, I’ll be attempting to give my take on every single album Pitchfork has ever given Best New Music to (a label first stamped on a record in 2003).

Paste for a less snobbish and less mainstream take on records, for the happy medium.

NME as my source for what may have fallen on the sidelines on this side of the pond. In other words, my British source of information.

If I get particularly ambitious, I may try to cover all of Robert Christgau’s picks as well.

My ratings aren’t based on any self-inflated thoughts of objectivity. This is a blog, for God’s sake. If you’re reading any of this, I take it as a compliment and consider your opinion on any of these albums as valid as mine. This is just me enjoying and exploring the music of the years in which I came of age.


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