D.C.R. Pollock’s Self-Titled (2015)

D.C.R. Pollock’s self-titled debut is the product of youth and study combined. It may be trite to mention the youth of the artist but it doubles the impact of the record. When most people still in their teens would be tempted to head straight for pop-punk shrieking about how annoying their parents can be, Pollock grasps at a maturity beyond his years and succeeds in doing so. He’s still a student in high school but, more importantly, is a student of all things philosophical and musical. In his vast learning and reverence for his forebears, he gets to mastery.Hearing the panoply of influences contained here is refreshing. Pollock borrows from the neo-soul wanderlust of D’Angelo and the muted electronics of James Blake in equal measure. It’s as if everyone he’s ever been interested in musically could get cowriting credit on each of his tracks. The tracks still bear his original stamp though. The main way it happens is through his lyricism. Some people write about the conflict between hope and cynicism long after the battle was personally settled for him. For Pollock, it’s still an open question to see where he’s going to make his leap of faith and that makes for a record of intensity.Self-titled albums always carry an extra burden. Will they define an artist’s personality through music? This one certainly does and it’s a personality we should be looking forward to developing even further.


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